Payson, Utah Temple Wedding


I had a really awesome opportunity to be a second shooter for Rachel Hudson at the Payson, Utah LDS Temple.  I learned so much from assisting Rachel, who is an associate photographer for Kylee Ann Studios. We discussed the shots we would need to get and made sure our gear was in sync. All the tulips were in bloom and there were blossoms on the trees. It was a gorgeous afternoon at the temple.


The bride and groom were so in love and everyone in the wedding party was really easy to work with. While waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand exit out of the temple, everyone enjoyed each other’s company and played around in the wind. The little girls couldn’t resist twirling in their flower girl dresses. Their mothers would work so hard to keep their flower crowns pinned in their hair.


Then it was time for the couple to exit those doors. I couldn’t help but remember the feelings I had when my husband and I were on the other side of the doors waiting to greet our loved ones. The groom swung open the door and his bride followed holding his hand. Such a beautiful couple and you could just about feel their love when the groom dipped her for a little kiss. Everyone cheered and congratulated the new couple.


I learned so much from shooting this wedding as a second photographer with Rachel. I got to watch the behind the scenes and see her in action as she directed everyone. I picked up a few tips and tricks that will really help to keep everything running smoothly on wedding day. Rachel always wants to be serving the bride and her family and it really shows. 


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