St. George, Atagi Family Session



Red rock, breath taking views, warm weather, and beautiful sunset evenings. Yes, I will shoot anytime in St. George! There is so much diversity there I love exploring and finding new places to capture some special moments. This place truly does top a lot of them for me though! The Atagi family currently lives in St. George and wanted to get some family pictures before they moved away. The weather worked out so well and the gorgeous sun setting behind the cliffs made for a magical evening. With the sun just dipping below the cliffs, the weather cooled off just enough for us all to have a really good time out on the desert rock.

DSC_0688 - Copy

These Atagi kids have such awesome personalities and are always so much fun to hang out with. We danced, played around, and made jokes the whole time. And honestly, look at how beautiful all of them are!


Not to mention, they also have another little one on the way! To say these kids are excited to have another sibling would be an understatement. They cannot wait to meet their little sister. All of them are going to love her so much and will shower her in so many hugs and kisses.





I am so excited that I know this family and that they let me take their family pictures in St. George.