St. George, Atagi Family Session



Red rock, breath taking views, warm weather, and beautiful sunset evenings. Yes, I will shoot anytime in St. George! There is so much diversity there I love exploring and finding new places to capture some special moments. This place truly does top a lot of them for me though! The Atagi family currently lives in St. George and wanted to get some family pictures before they moved away. The weather worked out so well and the gorgeous sun setting behind the cliffs made for a magical evening. With the sun just dipping below the cliffs, the weather cooled off just enough for us all to have a really good time out on the desert rock.

DSC_0688 - Copy

These Atagi kids have such awesome personalities and are always so much fun to hang out with. We danced, played around, and made jokes the whole time. And honestly, look at how beautiful all of them are!


Not to mention, they also have another little one on the way! To say these kids are excited to have another sibling would be an understatement. They cannot wait to meet their little sister. All of them are going to love her so much and will shower her in so many hugs and kisses.





I am so excited that I know this family and that they let me take their family pictures in St. George.


Ross Family Session at Fort Bonaventure


The Ross Family was so much fun to hang out with. We decided to play around Fort Buenaventura in Ogden Utah. This place is a little hidden gem in Ogden that is so beautiful. There is so many different things to do here, you could spend a long time exploring the area. There is a small playground for kids to play, next to that there is a pathway that you can start walking on. This pathway will take you around the park, keep a lookout for the disk golf course they are currently putting in. The weather worked out well, as it was sprinkling rain earlier before we arrived. By 5pm when we met, the sun was out and there were some clouds out and the temperature warmed up to a comfortable degree. It really did make for a good evening at the park.

  Eli, their son just turned 2 and he was so much fun to work with. He loves him mom and dad very much and loves to say the word “Happy”. It will melt your heart when you hear him say it.

There is a pond at Fort Buenaventura, which worked out really well for Eli since he really likes to throw rocks into water. We would take some breaks, have little snacks and he would throw rocks to his hearts content. This was really nice to be able to break it up for him and keep the mood light and engaging.



It was a beautiful day with the Ross family at Fort Buenaventura, and I am so happy that I was able to spend the evening playing with them and their cute son.

Country Bridal Shoot

The previous weekend I was able to attend the Kylee Ann Workshop in Logan, Utah. The first day was more about marketing and business planning. So much information, best practices, and ideas were given in that first day, it really got me excited to keep working at my love for capturing moments. On the second day we had two guest speakers. First one was Edward Heard, who is a master at his craft in flash photography. He flew all the way in from Texas and got to experience some snow in his stay here in Utah. The second guest was Rebecca who is a Creative Producer. She spoke to us all about social media. Also, on the second day we had the opportunity to participate in a styled photo shoot with a bride and her cowboy. The gown was hand made by a local designer, and wow is it gorgeous! I got to learn so much from this workshop, and I can’t wait to start using all the knowledge I gained at the workshop and implementing it into my own work.


It was so much fun to work with these two, they have such a fun personality together and they were very easy going. Even though, it was pretty cold the evening we were capturing these moments, both of them were really good sports and were able to keep laughing through it all.


All in all, it was a lot of fun to be able to take my first bridal photos. I had a really great time and can’t wait to get more involved.


Below are the contacts for everyone involved in the collaboration.

Workshop: @Kyleeannstudios
Gown designer:
Models: Bride & Groom: @harliem & @t_crooked_e
Floral: @plantpeddlerforal
Hair and Makeup: (@schiessstyles)
Headpiece(veil): @sparrow_station